[Open data] A set of data from the GOPV Integrated PV demonstrator located in Passo Martino – Catania (Italy) EGP site has been selected and is made accessible on the GOPV website. First, site’s meteorological and irradiance data are made available for downloading on a monthly basis.

Values of Energy yields for the different tested system configurations and inverter efficiency will be reported on the project website in a second phase.

The pilot’s scope is to demonstrate the GOPV technologies (modules, inverters and trackers) and their integration in a Large PV system with a nominal power of 250 kW (DC). The PV plant consists of 125kW of GOPV modules and of 125kW 3SUN Commercial modules, installed in the two main areas: Tracker area, where the support structures are Horizontal Solar Axis Trackers (HSAT), and the Fixed area where the structures are Tilted Fixed structures.

BEWARE: It allows everyone to create their own graphs and use the generated data for free.
Any use of the data requires the following statement to be added to the GoPV project “This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 792059.”