Participate to the 1st training courses organized by CEA-INES and all partners of the H2020 – GoPV Project
« Technical focus on future solar PV systems »

October 26-29th 2020
10:00-12:00 – 14:30-16:30
Central European Time Zone
online Microsoft TEAMS


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  • Introduction to GOPV & Global PV Market
  • PV Modules: Market & Technologies Trends
  • PV Modules: Bifacial technology
  • PV Tracker: Design & Control
  • PV Inverter: Design & Performance
  • PV System: Design & Performance
  • PV System: Operation & Maintenance

Useful information:
>>>Free of charge Online event
>>>Sections will be teached by experts from the GOPV project partners
>>>Four days on non-dependent seven sessions

More about the project:
The European H2020 GOPV -GLOBAL OPTIMIZATION OF INTEGRATED PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM FOR LOW ELECTRICITY COST organize its 1st free online training courses 11 partners are joining forces to develop an innovative photovoltaic system that will allow to reach an electricity cost as low as 0,02 €/kWh. (in Southern Europe with an irradiation level of reference of 1900 kWh/m²/year).

Partners: INES, CEA Tech, CONVERT Italia, ENEL Green Power, EPFL, LEITAT, RSE, REFU Electronik, TECNALIA, MONDRAGON Assembly, GXC Coatings

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 792059.