The GoPV research project brings the opportunity for Europe to catch up with the Asian continent on the photovoltaic market. By developing highly competitive technologies, GoPV’s 12 partners could get Europe back in the game as a prime player on high-efficiency premium technologies. The project will achieve at increasing the PV module lifetime by 10 years, at reducing electricity cost by 50% as well as reducing the energy payback time by 40%.

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The new bi-facial photovoltaic technologies in the Italian photovoltaic market

[Webinar] Convert Italia participates today Tuesday 29 Oct. at 4PM to a PV Magazine Webinar. Presenting “The new bi-facial photovoltaic technologies in the Italian photovoltaic market“. Register here: Programme: This webinar will provide an introduction to bifacial technology with reference to high-efficiency modules as well as the latest technological innovations, while at the […]

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Next milestones during the 3rd General Assembly

18 months after the launch of the GoPV project in April 2018, the 11 involved partners have convened in the 3rd General Assembly on 2nd and 3rd of October. The 2-day meeting was hosted by EPFL in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. A time for each 7 work package leaders to present the review progress on each task, […]

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